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Abelé 1757

Brut Millésimé 2014

The perfect balance of maturity and freshness
And it is here in the cool surrounds of the centuries-old cellars, sheltered from light and fluctuating temperatures, that this Champagne Brut 2014 vintage matures to perfection, the perfect expression of a harvest year.


The 2014 Brut expresses the typical character of the harvest year, while remaining true to the signature House style.


60 % Chardonnay - 40 % Pinot Noir


Minimum 7 ans

Looking back at the 2014 vintage

Budburst: 2 April for Chardonnay and 5 April for Pinot Noir

Flowering: 8 June for Chardonnay and 10 June for Pinot Noir

Start of the harvest: 8 September

The vines rested throughout winter under the cover of rain, with 27 days of rainfall in January alone.

The arrival of spring brought milder weather, triggering an early start to budburst. With a break in the rain, May and June provided ideal conditions for successful flowering.

Summer brought warmer weather as the rain returned. The grapes were slow to ripen, retaining acidity levels and developing complex aromas.

We harvested in September.

With the Pinot Noir around 10 potential alcohol, and the Chardonnay perfectly ripe, the grapes were simply stunning.

The 2014 Brut expresses the typical character of the harvest year, while remaining true to the signature House style.

Food and wine pairings

Lobster Caviar Crayfish Seabass John Dory Veal rump Feather-cut Iberico ‘pluma’ ham Young Brie
Handy cooking tips When cooking, try to roast, braise, pan-fry or steam. Use butter as a base for sauces. Season with herbs and gentle spices (saffron, white pepper) Vinaigrettes best avoided.

The rules of Art
The Art of collating terroirs

Imagining a champagne is above all an art: that of collating the terroirs. Faithful to the vision of its founders, Abelé 1757 selects sites with the most promising aromatic potential.

The selection
A constant supply of very high quality

To guarantee a constant supply of very high quality, Abelé 1757 has forged close links with a small circle of passionate vine-growers.

Lovers of their land
Common values ​​of excellence, respect and loyalty

Lovers of their land, these craftsmen have long practised viticulture respectful of nature on plots sometimes as small as gardens.

& serve

Our Champagnes


For Abelé 1757, time is an ally and an inspiration. It is an emblem. A thread stretched through the ages. It is the common denominator of all the House’s wines, combining the epochs with today.

Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut | Numbered Limited Edition

Ode to Chardonnay


Distinguished and energising

Brut Rosé

Delicate and fruity

Blanc de blancs

Rich and fresh

Sourire de Reims rosé 2008

Seductive and flavoursome

Sourire de Reims Brut 2009

Complex and Flavoursome

Sourire de Reims Brut 2013

Rare et floral

Abelé 1757, It Takes Time

With precious echoes of the passing of time, Abelé 1757 is one of the finest names in Champagne. Faithful to the philosophy of its founders, it takes the time and the material to perfect its craft.

A creator of great Champagne wines, the House uses its artisanal know-how as a bridge between present and future. Like a fine goldsmith, its work embodies to perfection the creations imbued with finesse and precision.


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